The first step in planning to have a baby should be a visit to your obstetrician. We will assess your overall health and work with you to plan for a healthy pregnancy. We prefer all women to have normal delivery unless there is complications which warranty caesarean section (operation delivery)

Obstetric Conditions

Prepregnancy planning
Organization of prenatal care
Genetics, risks and genetic counselling
Bleeding in early pregnancy
Recurrent miscarriage
Multiple pregnancy
The routine obstetric ultrasound scan
Assessing fetal health
HIV Infection and its treatment
Medication during pregnancy
Hypertension in pregnancy
Diabetes in pregnancy
Cardiac disease
Anemia(low blood)
Abdominal pain in pregnancy
Labour and delivery overview
Caesarean section
Postnatal contraception and sterilization


These offerings include preventive and routine gynaecologic care.

Gynaecology Conditions

Chronic pelvic pains(Abnormal pains)
Abnormal Mensturation (Absence, irregular or painful)
Vaginal infections and discharges
Ovarian cyst
Routine gynaelogical checkups (Pap smear)
Family planning (Contraception, loop, Sterilization, Emergency contraceptions/Morning after pills) Menopause Womb and Cervical cancer